25 thoughts on “About the author: Vanessa Emily Smeets

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  2. Hi Vanessa,

    finally I found some time to read through your blog and your recommended posts. Its quite interesting for me to see how you discover Germany. And the facts about Zimbabwe are also very interesting, because I had no ideas about that country.
    I hope you have had a wonderful stay in Berlin and a nice CSD-party!

    Best wishes,

    • Thank you Michael! It was very good to meet you and thank you for the great organising. Glad you enjoyed the blog. If you subscribe, you can keep in touch with future posts 🙂 Keep well!

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  4. Hello Vanessa,

    Would you happen to know how Mark Dean Brown (who kissed Bjorn Czepan in the photograph) and his friend, Brian Kline are doing these days?

    I’m a writer. I do hope they’ve mended and are carrying on with their lives.



    Dane B. McFadhen
    105 North Templeton Drive,
    Vancouver, B.C.

    • I unfortunately don’t know Brian, but I speak to Mark regularly. He’s a good friend. It is a miracle he can walk and talk. A year ago, I was visiting him in hospital and had very little hope he would make it. We miss Bjorn dearly. Thank you for your concern! Are you a journalist in Canada?

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