The Brutal Truth: Men versus Women


men vs women

BATTLE OF THE SEXES: Two completely different species? No, two completely different ways of thinking... PIC: online

There’s nothing like the muse of personal experience to inspire. This is what men say and what they really mean…

I think you’re special, but… >> You’re just not the one.

You’re so beautiful and intelligent, yet… >> I had my fun, it’s time to let go.

Look, it happened just once… >> It may just happen again.

Call me later when you’ve settled down. >> You’re annoying me.

I can’t see you this week or the next. >> I’m just not that into you.

I’ll call you sometime. >> If I remember your name, I’ll call you.

Why are you wearing that? >> It makes you look fat.

Your friend is cool. >> I think she’s hot.

Who’s your friend? >> Can I get her number?

Let’s be friends. >> Let’s pray you don’t take out some vicious revenge plot out on me!

Look, the sex was fun. >> That’s all it was to me.

I don’t know where this is going… >> We’re over. Whatever it was.

It’s not you, it’s me. >> It is you. I just don’t dig you that much…

You got to move on. >> Leave. Right now.

I don’t know what to say. >> Stop asking! I have really no idea what you want me to tell you.

Why are you upset? >> Oh gosh, here we go for another two hours…

I’m tired. >> Please stop talking to me.

Sorry, I only saw your message/ phone-call now. >> You’re not that important to me.

Stop calling me. >> Stop calling…. For good.

men vs women cartoon

5 thoughts on “The Brutal Truth: Men versus Women

  1. Now now Cordula! They’re right to a point, but keep in mind that not all men are this way. Do girls really want to hear genuine excuses like, “You really need to seek professional help on/about ______________.” Or, “Your friend is hot. You should have her over more.” Fact is, men will always see attractive women. We’re wired that way. What women need to remember is that if we didn’t want to be in the relationship, we wouldn’t be.

    I understand that this is an opinion piece and that there’s a lot of truth to it as well, but please don’t blanket this across the male species. Sometimes we really didn’t see that you called until just now.

  2. From my own relationship experience over the past five years, I think I’ve discovered that “it’s not you, it’s me” can actually be genuine sometimes. Sometimes it’s a case of right person, wrong time, because either party might not be in the right place. So the cynicism of this article doesn’t always apply 😉

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